Why I love MGs

Many people love MGs because they are so beautiful. They have lovely styling and excellent performance. You may want to store it with a car lift.

But did you know the MG was back?

Today, it is once again a motoring force and growing in populartiy. This car is definitely awesome. 

Our much-loved British brand has been re-launched with the financial support of one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, which gives us great confidence in moving forward. 

The new range of MG models that have been designed and engineered at our site in Longbridge, Birmingham include the MG3, MG GS, and MG ZS.

MG vehicles are built in Longbridge and Shanghai but they nver los their British excellence.

Longbridge has been improved, and Research and Development are currently undertaken there.

In 2018, SAIC Design opened a Design Studio in London. The studio is based in a great building which was just fixed up in the heart of the city on the Marylebone Road. The new space is SAIC first facility, to specialize in Advanced Digital Design Technology, and will work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s other studios to support designs for brands including MG.

Advanced London is the second Motor design studio ever on the European continent, following the studio in Longbridge, which opened in 2011. London uses VR technology to design vehicles, which allows for the designers to fully immerse themselves into the design concepts, significantly improving the level of detail that we can develop prototypes. Advanced London is managed by SAIC Design European Advanced Design Director, Carl Gotham.

There is also the MG Car Club. It was formed in 1930 at the famous MG works in Abingdon.

Today, the club is based at Kimber House in the shadow of the former factory and caters for all MGs and their owners, from the earliest vintage machinery through to the newest cars.